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2014 PROJECT EUPHONIUM produced brand new Ophicleide.

The ophicleide was invented around 1820.

It find on score of H. Berlioz, F. Mendelssohn, G. Meyerbeer, R. Wagner etc.

Now these part are played by bass tuba.

But the sound is different so much.

We produced new Ophicleide with good factory of China.
It is different factory of Wessex Tuba's Ophicleide. 
It is based the Couesnon's Ophicleide.

The ophicleide revived by modern manufacturing technology!

Please play and enjoy this good sound.

  • Pitch : in C (AOP-911C)  around A=440 to 442hz

  • Material : Yellow Brass without Lacquer

  • Key : 11 keys

  • Bell : 210.00mm (AOP-911C)

  • High : 970.00mm (AOP-911C)

  • Case

  • Mouthpiece (based from old original)









 in (      ) is retail price


in C

AOP-911C no Lacquer  ASK

AOP-911CL with Lacquer  ASK

AOP-911CS Silver Plated  ASK

AOP-911CA Antique Color  ASK

AOP-911CSL Brushed Lacquer  ASK


in B

AOP-912B no Lacquer  ASK

AOP-912BL with Lacquer  ASK

AOP-912BS Silver Plated  ASK

AOP-912BA Antique Color  ASK

​AOP-912BSL Brushed Lacquer  ASK

  • Key Covered (Left finger's keyes)

  • Strap Holder

  • Adjustable Thumbrest Parts

  • New disign U pipe's protector






Original model is no lacquer finish.
But you can choice from below finishes as your like.


1. Clear Lacquered

2. Bright Silver Plated


3. Antique Color with Lacquered










4. Satin with Lacquered








 How to Order 

Please ask me if you have any questions after read this page.


This ophicleide is "Build-to-Order Manufacturing".

So we don't have any stock.

Making need about from 2 to 3 month without holiday and vacation.


Please email me if you want to buy it.

I will tell you the price and shipping cost.


At first you need to pay all cost by PayPal.

It is not included some tax or customs fee in your country.

You have to pay these fee by yourself.


I can order to the factory when I received your payment.

I will check and send the item to you by EMS after I received it from the factory.

The shipping date will be 6 month or more.

You cannot cancel after payment.

Please don't order if you don't understand upper terms.

Please contact to


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